Due to COVID-19, many events and activities listed on the website may be cancelled or closed.

Scenic arts

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It is important to note that all festivals and events have been canceled until August 31, 2020 by the government of Quebec.


Festival Stradivaria

Hautes-Laurentides (Québec)
Phone: 855 776-4080

Under the artistic direction of violinist Alexandre Da Costa, the Festival Stradivaria (formerly the Festival International Hautes-Laurentians) offer a totally diversified season with classical music, as well as popular, country and electronic shows. In July of each year.

Lac-des-Écorces Country Music Festival

245, rue de la Montagne
Lac-des-Écorces (Québec) J0W 1H0
Phone: 819 586-2925

The ultimate event for country lovers. Performances by renowned artists and local artists. In August of each year.

Espace Théâtre Muni-Spec

543, rue du Pont
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 0L4
Phone: 819 623-1222

Accessible for all types of events, the Espace Théâtre Muni-Spec offers varied shows and activities of quality and for all tastes. See the progrm on their website.