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The Microbrasserie du Lièvre is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends to discover local beers thanks to the tasting trays and to savor local products from the Pub du Terroir menu.
Desrochers honey wines are not to be outdone with their meads, many of which have won prizes! You will find their products online at the Miels d'Anicet store as well as in several Hautes-Laurentides stores.


Ferme apicole Desrochers D. inc.

113, Rang 2 Gravel
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0
Phone: 819 587-3471
Fax: 819 587-3471


Online Store!

Also, for customers in the region, it is possible to have an order prepared by phone with Lydiane: 819.587.4825 ext. 203.
Lydiane will inform you of the methodology for retrieving the order.

Discover the delicious meads at the Miels d'Anicet boutique.

Microbrasserie du Lièvre inc.

131, boul. Albiny-Paquette
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 1J1
Phone: 819 440-2440
Fax: 819 440-2404


The Microbrewery continues to distribute in the Mont-Laurier region and in its various points of sale across Quebec. In addition, THE SHOP REMAINS OPEN and we invite you to come and do your shopping alone.

Because your health and the health of its employees is important to them, management has decided to close the pub temporarily. The Microbrasserie du Lièvre invites you to show solidarity with SMEs in this period of crisis, because they need you. Encourage local when you have to go out for purchases.