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Regional produce shops

You can find the following regional products at our participating retailers listed below:
Laiterie des Trois vallées, La Rose des Vents Farm, Oviva Maple Water, Les Granins Du Val, Krako-Venne farm, Brûlerie des Laurentides, Cafés Marie-Dan and many others.


Marché R. D. St-Louis inc.

564, chemin du Progrès
Chute-Saint-Philippe (Québec) J0W 1A0
Phone: 819 585-2732
Fax: 819 585-4408

Local products et grocery.

Marché José Leblanc

268, 9e Avenue
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0
Phone: 819 587-3139
Fax: 819 587-3494


Miels d'Anicet

111, Rang 2 Gravel
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0
Phone: 819 587-4825

Enjoy a summer break to discover the region of the Upper Laurentians and the buzzing world of Miels d’Anicet. Located right in the honey house, our pretty boutique is the perfect place to taste and select our entire range of seasonal honeys. Miels d’Anicet’s kitchen produces a wide range of gourmet honey-based products. Discover the family’s meads of the Desrochers D farm, sublime nectars that pair well with your meals at the table. Let yourself be seduced by our range of Melia body care products, made from organic ingredients and meticulously handcrafted. Miels d’Anicet’s Pollens & Nectars Canteen invits you to savor a honey inspired seasonal cuisine in an enchanting setting. The harmoniously decorated outdoor pavilion and the breathtaking view of the Montagne du Diable will charm you without doubt. Our boutique is open from 9AM to 5PM daily, including holidays. Pollens & Nectars Canteen is open from June 18th to mid-September, daily from 10h to 15h. Suppers Wednesday to Saturday, reservation is mandatory.

Marché Vallée de la Kiamika

13, rue Principale
Kiamika (Québec) J0W 1G0
Phone: 819 585-2631
Fax: 819 585-4631

Grocery store, gas station and quarry registration.

Épicerie Falardeau

137, avenue de l'Eglise
Lac-des-Écorces (Québec) J0W 1H0
Phone: 819 585-2565

Viande de la Ferme du Nordest, Produits maison.

Juste les Hautes

Lac-des-Écorces (Québec) J0W 1H0
Phone: 819 436-0521

Showcase for regional products made or processed in the Hautes-Laurentides region. Ephemeral kiosks, à la carte selection and making of gift sets.

Magasin Général M. G. inc.

382, rue Principale
Lac-Saint-Paul (Québec) J0W 1K0
Phone: 819 587-3700


3816, route Eugène-Trinquier
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 3G4
Phone: 819 623-5474

Quality natural meats, as well as a wide selection of prepared meals. They have their own Angus cattle farm. On-site sales counter open weekdays from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Fromagerie Le P'tit Train du Nord

624, boul. Albiny-Paquette
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 2L4
Phone: 819 623-2250
Toll-Free: 1 866 816-4957
Fax: 819 623-3055

Fine cheeses producer: Windigo, Wabasse, Curé Labelle, cheddars, cheese curds and twists. Fresh cheese of the day and local shop.

IGA Marché Tellier

101, rue Hébert
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 3H9
Phone: 819 623-3200
Fax: 819 623-4855


Les Chocolats d'occasions

Mont-Laurier (Québec)

Handmade Belgian chocolates on sale at Adora florist, Metro and at IGA in Mont-Laurier.

Métro Mont-Laurier

939, boul. Albiny-Paquette
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 3J1
Phone: 819 623-6984
Fax: 819 623-6609


Tout Vert Tout Pur Épicerie Santé

608, boul. Albiny-Paquette
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 1L5
Phone: 819 623-3533
Fax: 819 623-3538

Natural food store.

Vrac & Co

430, rue Mercier
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 2W1
Phone: 873 867-1777

Bulk food and regional products.

Dépanneur Millette enr.

96, rue Principale
Mont-Saint-Michel (Québec) J0W 1P0
Phone: 819 587-3867
Fax: 819 587-3867

Service station, convenience store.

Marché Généreux & Fils

2229, chemin Tour-du-Lac
Nominingue (Québec) J0W 1R0
Phone: 819 278-3858
Fax: 819 278-3191


Marché Bondu Inc.

1017, rue Principale
Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain (Québec) J0W 1S0
Phone: 819 597-2494
Fax: 819 597-2850


Épicerie du Laus inc.

112, rue Principale
Notre-Dame-du-Laus (Québec) J0X 2M0
Phone: 819 767-2243


Marché de la Lièvre Inc.

100, rue Principale
Notre-Dame-du-Laus (Québec) J0X 2M0
Phone: 819 767-2244
Fax: 819 767-2270

Bonichoix Market
Beers, SAQ, bakery, cold meats, smoked fish, cooked dishes, fishing license, fireworks, etc.

Marché Raymond - IGA

1395, Rue L'Annonciation Sud
Rivière-Rouge (Québec) J0T 1T0
Phone: 819 275-3521
Fax: 819 275-2427


Épicerie du Lac enr.

19, rue Saint-Francois-Xavier
Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (Québec) J0W 1V0
Phone: 819 586-2828
Fax: 819 586-2848

Location films vidéo et jeux

Épicerie Tapanee enr.

16, rue Principale
Sainte-Anne-du-Lac (Québec) J0W 1V0
Phone: 819 586-2494
Fax: 819 586-2495

Convenience store