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Sugar shacks

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It's spring and who says spring says the return of the sun and nature! While waiting for the greenery, come and fill up with energy in one of our sugar shacks which will offer you a full traditional meal (vegetarian offer in some places!) In addition to offering you their full range of maple syrup products to bring some joy back home.


Érablière Les Quatre Printemps

30, Montée Leblanc
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0
Phone: 819 587-4340


Call for orders to bring from Friday to Sunday.

To access the menu, click on the link on the Facebook page above.

Érablière des Ponts Couverts

75, chemin de la Lièvre
Kiamika (Québec) J0W 1G0
Phone: 819 623-3537
Toll-Free: 877 503-9059


- Warm bread
- Pea soup
- Baked beans
- Omelette
- Ham in maple syrup
- Sausage in maple syrup
- Hash browns
- Green salad
- Criss ear
- Crepe
- Maple tart
- Maple swirl
- Maple taffy ice cream
$ 22.50 / person (taxes included)
Delivery available

Criss ear and maple product available at all times.

Érablière Mélanie Grenier

66, chemin Valiquette
Kiamika (Québec) J0W 1G0
Phone: 819 585-2131

To get maple products or for more information, call 819-585-2131.

Cabane à sucre de l'Érablière MS

1443, chemin de la Lièvre Sud
Mont-Laurier (Québec) J9L 3G3
Phone: 819 623-2176
Toll-Free: 877 238-2477
Fax: 819 623-7746


Meal service for outings available by reservation.

Érablière Ouellette

216, Rang 2 Gravel Nord
Mont-Saint-Michel (Québec) J0W 1P0
Phone: 819 587-3878
Fax: 819 587-2125

The maple grove remains open for the sale of maple products every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is also possible to purchase ears of Christ and any other food on the menu, but only on order.